Life changing moments!

Don’t you love sharing memorable moments with your family and friends?  I know I do!  My good friend Vicki McLeod, a talented lady with words and images, has had me at two of her most life-changing moments!

First was her registry office wedding where Vicki wanted me to translate what was said by the registrar for her guests.  The majority, of course, had come from the UK to enjoy her wedding on the island! Wearing a smart trouser suit and with my crowning glory, my beautiful naturally brown hair, allowed guests to mistake me for the registrar!  With congratulations all round for the happy couple, this was my first foray into destination weddings in Mallorca!

Second was her planned home birth with the same midwife who’d delivered my boys.  Obviously, I would be there to bridge the linguistic gap again!  As a thank you gift, Vicki and hubby Oli gifted me a doula training course.  This was a wonderful present which would change my life.

Learning opportunity!

This doula training course came at a time of great turmoil in my life – divorce!  With no time for self pity, I decided to take this time to go to the UK for the course. Dr Michel Odent, the man behind the global birth doula movement, was in charge!  Meeting this great and inspiring man, behind a movement supporting birthing mothers and their families, was incredible!  Although I never took the training further, I learned a lot.  This doula training has stood me in good stead for my end of life spiritual care.

Life gives us the unexpected!  Whilst it might not seem to be much at the time, it brings magic!  I am now a celebrant  – not just for weddings, but for all of life’s rituals. I am also founder and facilitator of the Mallorca Death Café – another great global movement, but more on that one later!