My good friend and colleague Vicki McLeod, a talented lady in lots of areas and most especially words and images, has had me at two of her most life-changing moments! The first was her wedding, long before I even knew celebrants existed, and the second at the birth of her daughter!

At the first event, her registry office wedding, Vicki wanted me there to translate for her guests who’d come from the UK to enjoy her wedding in the south-west of the island! I remember wearing a lovely red linen trouser suit that day with my beautiful naturally brown hair when it was my crowning glory and being mistaken by some of her guests as the registrar!
The second event was because she was having a home birth with the same midwife who’d delivered my boys and I, of course, would bridge the linguistic gap!

What you’ll never guess is that, as a thank you for the birthing event, Vicki and hubby Oli gifted me a doula training with French obstetrician, Dr Michel Odent, the one behind the global birth doula movement!

I ended up doing the training course at a time of great turmoil in my life, my separation from the father of our sons. Off to the UK I went a few months after we’d split up and training here I came! I enjoyed meeting this great and inspiring man behind a movement which supports birthing mothers and their families. I never took the training further than my first, and last, not so successful accompanying of one family. Luckily that family now have two wonderful children! However, I do believe the doula training will stand me in good stead for my end of life spiritual care which is where my heart is really set!

So you see sometimes life gives you the unexpected which at the time might not seem to be right, but I have ended up being a celebrant, not only for weddings but for all of life’s rituals. I am also a facilitator of a regular death cafe – another great global movement, but more on that one later!