What a Situation!

The situation we are now experiencing with the COVID-19 has meant lockdown all across Spain for just over a week. Lockdown means only venturing out to get essentials from the food shops or pharmacies!  If you’re working in our wonderful health system or any other role that serves us, thank you!  You are the sheroes and heroes of the moment and we are grateful to you!

What does this mean for your wedding?

Distressingly for some of you, having prepared so creatively and generously for your April or May weddings, this is looking more and more unlikely! With the UK now going into lockdown, then we in Spain can be optimistic and look forward to seeing you soon!  Whatever your thoughts on the current situation let’s concentrate on some incredible opportunities out there which include your wedding!

Stay in touch with your suppliers!

I can’t stress enough the need for you to stay in close contact with your suppliers and see what the possibilities are to change the date of your wedding.  Mallorca’s wedding professionals enjoy a vast network and we’re invested in always providing solutions!  No matter what the future holds, you still have choice so start considering your options.  Marriage is about the two of you so remember that whilst you re-jiggle your hopes and dreams for your wedding!  It may be that an elopement wedding might have to be the answer when this is over.  Or an intimate ceremony without elderly guests and just the direct family.  Heck, have more than one wedding, this is the 21st century after all!

#1 selfie celebrant is here!

If you’ve had a ceremony with me in the past, you already know that what you see is what you get!  A determined, strong and incredibly positive woman.  I have your back and I’ll always go that extra mile for you, there for you if you need a helping hand! 

For those couples who booked me to officiate their ceremony this year, you already have a good idea of my positivity.  Now I am going to prove to you just why you picked me! More than your back, I have your heart! I am beside you and I am determined to find the best way on how we can go ahead with your wedding!

As your crazy, selfie-lover of a celebrant, I’ve got some whacky ideas too! Because of the lockdown, I have had a week to fall in love with Zoom and how wonderful is technology!  Gathering so many people in one virtual room has to be the most incredible invention of all time! Can you imagine having the very first online wedding ceremony?!  Now, that would be the most talked about wedding in history!

There is a solution!

If you’ve had to reschedule, why not keep your original wedding date too and plan a zoom wedding.   Enjoy modern technology, with your guests online, in the comfort of their own homes!  Everyone will agree that this will be a wedding to remember! And in the lead up to your original wedding date, ask guests to tell you the things they love about you. Why not get their tips on marriage whilst the younger ones write songs, stories and poetry about love!  And for those who can’t attend, there’s always the recording to share afterwards!

On your virtual wedding day there’ll be music, readings, poetry and even games to include the whole family (a separate blog to come on games)!  And there will be tears of joy as you say I do!

Keep safe, keep home, keep happy!