Baby Naming & Blessings in Mallorca

“We knew we wanted to do something special to celebrate our son’s safe arrival but we were not sure what to expect from the ceremony itself. When Glynis sent us the first draft we were totally amazed by the beautiful words and how ‘official’ the ceremony would be… it was totally perfect!”

Alexis & Andrew

Welcoming baby

Who doesn’t love new life!

These tiny creatures are our future and I love preparing ceremonies to reflect the hope and excitement that they bring. Whilst babies scare me – they’re so tiny and wise – I just love preparing a warm welcome for this bundle of joy! This is also an ideal ceremony to welcome a new addition to the family such as those momentous events of adopting a child or marrying into and joining another family!

What can you expect with this type of ceremony?

Firstly, as newborn parents or adopting parents, you’re going to have to answer a lot of questions from me in between marvelling at your new baby and changing nappies, getting used to new schedules! You’ll be making some decisions which include what it is that you want your tribe to promise the little one! The tribe – made up of the grandparents, extended family, guide parents or mentors – will be making promises on the day, after all, it takes a village to raise a child and we’ll be involving them from the beginning!

We’ll hear your reasons as to why you chose the name you did and we’ll want to know what it is you already see in your baby’s personality. Music always brings another level to ceremony and maybe you’ve got musicians in the family who can play. There’ll be people who’ll want to read some words too and maybe there are little ones and children who want to be involved by saying their own too!

The beauty of such a ceremony is that it can be done anywhere and you can do it anyhow too! From your back garden to a local village hall or community centre or even on the beach or in the mountains. Fix a date and a time and let’s get started!

Ready to create a truely unique ceremony?