About me

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the word celebrant as a priest who leads a religious ceremony, or a person who leads a ceremony such as a marriage or a funeral. I prefer to call myself a Hippy High Priestess and this embraces the mixed race, happily single, mother of two wonderful sons, good friend to their father, all in all modern day woman of the 21st century!

My Passion for Celebrancy

When I look back at all the accomplishments over my over 61 years on earth, it makes me wonder whether destiny tries to knock on our doors or whether it doesn’t matter as destiny knows what’s coming anyway! I had never even heard about celebrants before I was magically whisked into the world of ceremony but once it found me, I knew I had been born to be one!

My background inspired curiosity! Born in the Caribbean to a Jamaican mother and Welsh father, moving to England for my later childhood years and then Wales for my teens, with holidays spent in Nigeria between the ages of 15 and 18 years, life from the very beginning made me ask a lot of questions, not least who I was! When I left school, I spent time living and working in Israel and Brazil then Italy which finally found me moving to Spain in 1992 and from this point, I never looked back.

Perhaps my love of books, reading, theatre and music as a child brought me to do what I do today, at any rate all of those influences certainly help my work. I sang in a band, studied theatre at university and then swapped courses to include Spanish which I’d discovered on tour in Catalunya in the late 1980s whilst singing with a ska band. I’ve recorded voice overs for the past 15 years and since 2014 I’ve enjoyed presenting a weekly radio show interviewing inspiring people about the work they do. I’m a fan of people who get up and do good and I have interviewed activists from around the world as well as people who’ve dedicated their lives to helping others.

Mallorca, island of calm

The Perfect Place to say I do!

Mallorca has been home for nearly 30 years and I am so happy to be working as a celebrant, offering the various ceremonies that life’s rituals commands. Whether it’s the happiest day or your life or the most challenging, I promise to listen to you and make you feel heard. I’ll keep on learning about myself to constantly improve what I have to offer. I’ll push through my comfort zone to understand all there is to about human nature and I’ll do it with a smile whilst looking on the bright side, knowing how blessed I am to do what I do!

Who is Glynis German?

Get to know me

“I’ve bossed people around whenever I’ve had the opportunity!  But the best job I’ve had, has been that of a celebrant and quite how that came about will always be the best story I can tell!”

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