Love has no other desire but to fulfil itself. (Kahlil Gibran)

You’ve chosen your celebrant hopefully because you trust her and like what she proposes for your wedding ceremony.  Fortunately, she is there to guide you through the ceremonial process and all that is involved!  You’ll already know approximately how long the ceremony will last and that the final word on the draft is your’s!  Yet you might still be wondering what you’ll get on the day.  This short blog hopefully will put any of your worries to rest.


Your celebrant will ask a lot of questions!  You’ll wonder if there’ll be any more to come once you’ve made your way through the questionnaire.  Don’t worry, there will be!  She’ll check in regularly, ask how you are.  If you’re facing any challenges, she’ll want to make sure you’re doing okay.  A couple of days before your wedding, she’ll share tips and the only question she’ll want answered is – how excited are you!

Personal style

Each celebrant has his or her own style and you’ll have already clicked with the one who resonates with your’s.  If your celebrant made you laugh at the first catch up, you know you’ll get humour in good doses during the ceremony.  Your celebrant will have their own style based on their character and their values but rest assured that the mirror effect will guide you to choose the one who’ll speak for you on the day!

A guiding hand

Your celebrant has the experience of standing before hundreds of guests and is there to put you at your ease at every point during the preparation process.  On the day, she’ll be there to help nervous couples greet their guests and she’ll have a quiet word beforehand reminding you to walk slowly down the aisle to the altar!  Once the ceremony begins and everyone has taken their place, it’s up to your celebrant to lead the way!

Contented guests

When your guests are smiling at the end of the ceremony, even with teary eyes, you know you can now relax as your hard work is paying off!  You’ve come this far, you’ve said your I do‘s and it’s now time to party!  The most important part of the day is over and yet that moment will live with you forever.  Feel the ring on your finger…. can you imagine how that’s going to feel next year, the year after and in 25 years from now?  Maybe it’s time to start thinking of a vow renewal ceremony!