Other Ceremonies in Mallorca

“We, at One World Music Festival, asked Glynis to bless our festivities and on the day, with her charismatic nature, she gathered the whole crowd and read what she carefully and elegantly wrote for the occasion. We were all fascinated by her blessing, presence and words. Glynis was the perfect spiritual ambassador for our needs.”

There are so many opportunities to Celebrate

There’s always a place for ceremony – any time, any how, anywhere!


There are endless opportunities to celebrate any significant life-changing moments. Imagine coming of age or becoming a parent being acknowledged by ceremony. Maybe a new sibling or pet is coming into the family so a welcome ceremony could be enjoyed! Perhaps a marriage has ended in divorce and the couple want to acknowledge all that was right in the marriage and celebrate their new beginnings rather than feel sad for it coming to an end and the stigma still associated with divorce!

Ceremonies can be held for any number of reasons and I’ve even held ceremony for the opening of a music festival here in Mallorca, twice in fact! That ceremony was to acknowledge the reason we had gathered; acknowledge the creativity, discipline and love the artists had infused into their work as well as give thanks and praise for music and community! We even made our vows promising to give the very best of ourselves for maximum enjoyment!

Whatever the reason for celebration, take a moment to acknowledge what, how and why you’re celebrating and then give me a call and see how we can create ceremony!

Ready to create a truely unique ceremony?