End of Life Spiritual Care in Mallorca

“Thank you so much for your help throughout the last few days. We couldn’t have got through it without you.”


An Opportunity to Talk in Difficult Times

Express Yourself and all that You’re Going Through

Everyone deserves a dignified death and I believe that I can contribute with my offering of some Last Rites. Whilst these are a Catholic tradition, I cannot imagine death being a lonely experience, without feeling or ceremony. I would offer some words of comfort as well as gratitude for a life lived and a message of peace. This would bring comfort to family and loved ones too and my experience in performing celebration of life funerals has proved to me, time and again, that holding space for those in need is beyond helpful.

I recently studied End of Life Spiritual Care with Spanish organisation, Vinyana, spending many weekends in Barcelona with mainly professionals from the health and hospital sectors. I learned that I have it in me to serve those at the end of their lives and my innate understanding of human nature will allow me to serve with love and compassion.

If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and wish to talk, in confidence, please know that you will have the space to express yourself and all that you’re going through. I am not a therapist, but with my deep love, understanding and belief that there is something bigger than than us all, I will hold you in love and respect and look for the bigger picture in your pain.

Mallorca Death Café

The Death Café is a space for anyone interested in exploring their hopes and fears with other like-minded people and in which they are not judged for what they believe.

Funerals & Celebration of Life

When it comes to celebrating your loved one’s life, I shall want to hear all about him or her. We’ll create a completely personalised ceremony to celebrate their life.

Let’s talk in confidence