You’re engaged and already planning your destination wedding – congratulations, what fun this is going to be! A word of warning though as the stresses and costs for financing the perfect wedding are high and perhaps this illusion of perfection is where some couples go wrong. Let’s look at how you can keep you on track and enjoy each and every day, including your wedding day!

First of all, this is one more day to add to your relationship so keep it real. This day will not change anything at the heart of your relationship, but it will add memories so make those fun and loving all the way through! If you’ve decided to get married here on the beautiful island of Mallorca, don’t worry, we have everything you need for a perfect day! From the best wedding planners and photographers to the most talented florists and caterers, they’re all here. It’s easy for you to find your ideal supplier yourself thanks to the world of social media. Recommendations from other suppliers will lead you to the best, after all, like attracts like and those of us working in this industry on the island know who the best are!

Secondly, stick to your budget! Surprisingly, couples can get carried away and say yes to a lot of items they might not necessarily need! Honestly, your guests will have the wow factor, they’re on the island of calm as this Mallorcan paradise is known after all! But they’re going to remember how they felt and what they ate first and foremost! So make them feel welcome and show them the love – do you really have to invite someone you don’t really know, for pity’s sake?

Whether you decide to work with a wedding planner or just a coordinator on the day, make sure someone is there to oversee things so you can sit back and relax! Take time to consciously enjoy your day! How? Perhaps set yourself the intention on the day to stop every hour, on the hour and connect with yourself and with each other. You’ll be surprised how quickly it’s over and if you don’t prepare yourself mentally, you might miss it!

Expect the unexpected and know that if something untoward happens, you’ll be flexible and mature enough to deal with it! Better still, your planner or designated helper will deal with it. We live in times when change is the only guarantee and things are changing all the time. If your approach to life is to sail through and accept each day as it comes, then your wedding will be a doddle to enjoy!

Don’t sweat the small stuff! In the end the experience of being together with your loved ones is what’s important! Enjoy the journey and have the best day of your lives and don’t forget, there’s always a vow renewal ceremony to look forward to!