How does one go about choosing a name for a life that hasn’t even been born? This has to be one of the most exciting moments during pregnancy when names get tossed about like the confetti at your wedding!

I remember during my first pregnancy, I was convinced I was going to have a girl especially as I had refused to let anyone tell me what I was having! But as I knew she’d be a girl, I made up names although I’d never met a child who went by them. Serenity Blessing were the perfect names for my baby girl – she would be a much better version of me! As a back up for a boy baby, Theophilus was my choice, he could be Theo for short!

Of course, these names were around for many months of the pregnancy and people thought I was crazy! It must have been the hormones because I thought they were very acceptable choices. However, a few days before first born was actually born, I came up with the names Noah Angel – Angel being a Spanish boy’s name. As soon as I told family and friends, there was a sigh of relief.

The night baby was born was a few days after someone told me she’d predicted date and gender – she was right. He made his way into the world, at home, in a perfect way. Present with the birthing mother and father were the midwife, his assistant and a very good and crazy Aussie friend, Anna! Noah was born naturally and into the most incredible silence I have ever heard! He then made his announcement with sound and I found out I had delivered a boy!

For my second child, there was no name or knowledge as to what we were expecting throughout the pregnancy! I didn’t even worry about names as I knew I had plenty of time to find one. However, he decided to come two weeks early and off I trotted to the midwife’s which is also his home and as soon as I arrived there, baby did too. It was a record 20 minutes and too quick to be fun. He was tiny and we were all taken by surprise by his arrival. As it was evening we were advised to stay the night rather than go home. The birth date was the day after twin towers and Mikel the midwife had delivered three other babies in the preceding 24 hours given that the world was in a right state. Also, for the record, no one tells you what happens in a second or third delivery but I spent most of the night awake and therefore had time to come up with a name or two before dawn.

Just before dawn the name made its appearance and Pau, meaning peace, was the obvious choice given to what had happened in America in the previous 48 hours. When I said his name for the first time to the others later that morning, it was received with nodding of heads and happiness and smiles as this tiny creature – only 2.1kgs – was born to bring us gifts.

It was some days later whilst talking to my mother on the phone that I learned about the indigo children for the first time. That became his second name although the Justice of the Peace at the local town council who took the details for his registration did raise his eyebrows. Pau Indigo is his name I said confidently and he is the new child of our times.

Whatever name you choose for your baby is for you to decide. It may be after a loved one who no longer lives and in their memory you choose to remember their finer qualities via their name. Or you might like the sound of something foreign to your ears and discover the meaning is special to you. Once you’ve found a name, enjoy it and hopefully, your child will thank you for it! Whilst my name has never been a modern one and is rather old-fashioned, I will forever be grateful to my parents for their choice. I am yet to meet another Glynis Catrin German anywhere in the world!