Alice & Marko

June 15, 2017
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*I could not have been any happier with the ceremony and with how the whole day went. It was – without me knowing – my dream wedding! I felt a lot of genuine love and care during the ceremony and the moment felt truly special, memorable yet upbeat and not too serious or formal. It was just perfect!

I could really feel how special you also thought the moment was and how excited you were about being part of it and that made it even greater. With the beauty of the nature and the surroundings, the flower arrangements and your lovely words it felt like a moment that I will always remember vividly and cherish.

You were truly our love fairy; sometimes I can picture you gracefully flying around with your wings flapping delicately in the air, waving your magic wand to make sure all details are perfect.


Photos by Aimee K Photography

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